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Subject Instead of staying at home, enjoy traditional games at ‘I mom Gangdong’

If you're stuck at home this holiday too, you better keep an eye on this announcement. There is the ‘I mom Gangdong’ where you can enjoy traditional games safely and have fun with your children.

Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) prepared a folk play program that can be enjoyed at the open playground of 'I mom Gangdong' to celebrate the first holiday of the new year 2022.

This event, which started on the 24th and runs until February 28th, is composed of diverse games that will remind parents of childhood memories, and teach children the fun of traditional Korean games, such as large yutnori, sabangchigi, tuho, and jegichagi. You can experience it freely and even receive coaching on how to play.

‘I Mom Gangdong’ is one of the space welfare projects that Gangdong-gu created ambitiously to create a childcare-friendly environment. Currently, eight branches have been created and operated, and competition for reservations is fierce due to its popularity.

Established evenly by region, starting with I mom Gangdong Seongnae Branch (No. 1) in May 2019, Cheonho Branch (No. 2), Gangil Branch (No. 3), Cheonho Park Branch (No. 4), Amsa Branch (No. 5), Gildong Branch (No. 6) and Godeok (No. 7) were opened, and in November, Amsa Market (No. 8) was also opened and operated.

Each branch has created different themes such as aquariums and jungles to foster children's imagination and sensitivity, as well as ▲toy library that rents toys and childcare products ▲open playground where parents and children can play freely ▲infant and toddler integrated developmental play program It is divided into a space called Aizaramteo, and the contents of operation are differentiated for each branch.

Currently, open playgrounds are operated at 6 branches (Seongnae, Gangil, Cheonho Park, Godeok, Gildong, Amsa Market), and due to social distancing due to COVID-19, reservations should be made in advance through the Gangdong Children's Center website before the date of use.

Even if you haven't made a reservation, you can use the Toy Library on Wheels, which delivers and rents toys to your home. In addition, for parents who set up their own birthday table at home, they are also running a 100-day table and stone table rental business, which is getting a great response.

Until last year, the focus was on building, but this year, we plan to improve it by developing and expanding programs for children. ▲Aizaramteo’s play program ▲Differentiated theme programs for each branch ▲Provide a space for self-help groups for parents to share and communicate childcare information ▲Parents meeting to discover user-centered services in Imom Gangdong ▲Various projects such as replacing old toys that reflect users’ preferences will be actively pursued.

Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung Hun said that he will systematically promote childbirth, childcare, and family-friendly policies in order to improve user satisfaction by improving the operation of 'I mom Gangdong', a representative care infrastructure facility in Gangdong, and to establish a place in Gangdong-gu where infants and their families are happy.

For other questions, check the website of the Gangdong Children's Center ( or contact the Childcare Support Division at Gangdong-gu Office (☎02-3425-9212).