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Writer Park Jisoo
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Subject Gangdong-gu, Lunar New Year's Day food sharing campaign

Gangdong-gu, Seoul (District Mayor Lee Jung-hun) announced on the 25th that it will hold a "New Year's Food Sharing Campaign" until the 28th.

The campaign was organized by Gangdong-gu to present warm holidays to neighbors in need of living by donating food and household goods ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, and anyone living in Gangdong-gu can participate.

If you want to participate in the donation, you can donate food and household goods that can be stored for a long time directly to the nearest Dong Community Center or Gangdong Food Bank Market Center (02-427-1377). However, frozen and refrigerated foods, side dishes, items that are feared to deteriorate room temperature or are imminent to be distributed are excluded from donation items.

The donated goods during the campaign, which began on the 17th and runs from the 28th, will be delivered to needy neighbors such as the elderly living alone in the region and the disabled through the Gangdong Food Bank Market Center.

In addition, Gangdong-gu will hold a small sharing event for all employees in the building as a "one-theme one-sharing campaign," while the community center will also take the lead in continuously spreading small-scale community care-type sharing culture by designating major hubs in each building.

There are many neighbors in an economically difficult environment due to the prolonged COVID-19, said Lee Jung-hun, head of Gangdong-gu District Office. "We ask for active participation in the New Year's food sharing campaign so that we can have a rich holiday with our neighbors."