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Writer Lee Dongwon
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Subject Doubled the allowance for ‘iMoM Taxi’ in Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Gangdong-gu, Seoul announced on the 30th that it will increase the subsidy of ‘Gangdong iMOM Taxi’, a large premium taxi service operated for the convenience of pregnant women and families with infants and young children, to 60,000 won per year.
‘Imom Taxi’, which started operating in August last year in Gangdong-gu, showed a record of about 2,600 use in 4 months as word of mouth spread. Accordingly, the district explained that it has decided to increase the support benefit from 30,000 won to 60,000 won so that pregnant women and families with infants and young children can use Imom Taxi more.
The new membership registration and application for imom taxi starts at 9:00 am on January 10, 2022, and last year's subscribers must apply again. If you download the dedicated application (app) and sign up for membership, you will receive an approval guide after checking whether you are eligible. The target audience is pregnant women who are registered as residents in Gangdong-gu, or families with infants and toddlers under 24 months of age.
When using a taxi, you can apply for dispatch through the dedicated app. It can be used for visiting and returning home to hospitals and clinics, public health centers, pharmacies, postpartum care centers and cultural centers (limited to health promotion programs), toy libraries, communal nurseries, indoor playgrounds, and photo studios for medical purposes. After use, you need to register the proof of visitation along with the expenditure receipt.
The district also announced that from next year, the age of support for the special subsidy for childbirth will be extended from the previous 5 to 6 years old. The special subsidy for childbirth is for families with three or more children in the region.
A monthly subsidy of 100,000 won for families with three children and 200,000 won for families with four or more children. The application period is from the date of birth of the youngest child to before the age of 6 (71 months). Families raising their fourth child in Gangdong-gu can receive up to 14.2 million won in support. To receive the special childbirth subsidy, visit the Dong Community Center at the address of your resident registration address with your ID and a copy of your bankbook and apply.
Lee Jung-hoon, Mayor of Gangdong-gu, said, "We are working hard to find various and meticulous policies to actively respond to the low birth rate."