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Writer Jung Yerin
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Subject 2021. Gangdong Youth Policy Governance Results Sharing Meeting

Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung-hun) was on the 17th (Friday) ‘2021. Gangdong-gu Youth Policy Governance Results Sharing Meeting was held.

This result-sharing meeting was held to share the activities of young people who participated in the youth policy governance project promoted by the district this year (▲ Gangdong Youth Network, ▲ 2021. Gangdong Youth Festival, ▲ Youth Enterprise Win-Win Growth Project), and promote each other’s achievements It was designed as a place to celebrate and communicate.

This event, which was held at the offline event hall in the cafe space of the Gangdong-gu Office Building 2, was broadcast live through the Gangdong Youth Network (hereafter referred to as ‘Gangcheong Net)’ YouTube channel, allowing many young people who could not attend the event due to COVID-19 to participate online.

Starting with the progress of Gangdong-gu’s youth policy governance project, the event was not only about sharing results, but also a variety of programs to sympathize and communicate with young people, such as the contents of each project, display of project results, keywords for 2021 and comments of hope for 2021, and 100-second PR for youth companies proceeded.

A young man who participated in the event online said, "It was good to experience the venue with the host and communicate through real-time comments, and it felt like I had a fun year-end party with young people my age after a long time."

Gangdong-gu mayor Lee Jung-hun said, "I would like to thank the young people who actively participated in the youth policy promoted by the district this year." he said.

The video of this result sharing event can be viewed as a replay on the Gangdong Youth Network (hereafter referred to as ‘Gangcheong Net’) YouTube channel.