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Writer Kim Taeyeon
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Subject Gangdong-gu, promote ‘Sangi-ri Manse Plaza’

Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung-hun) announced on the 23rd that it is actively promoting the 'Sangilli Manse Plaza' project that contains the historical significance and symbolism of the March 1st Movement. 'Sangilli Manse Plaza' is located in 511 Sangil-dong Waterside Park and is scheduled to be completed in January.

This space is being created to remember and inherit the spirit of the violent demonstration for national independence of about 1,000 local residents that took place at the Military Police Post (259 Sangil-dong) near Sangil-ri at the time of the March 1st Movement.
In addition to decorative walls and symbolic sculptures containing the history of the March 1st Movement, convenience facilities such as stone walls, chairs, and mirror ponds will be installed.

Gang Dong-gu explained, "The decorative wall will contain explanations of the March 1st Movement, such as the background, progress, and significance of the March 1st Movement, as well as the words of independence activists and poems by national poets representing the Japanese colonial period.“

In addition, it contains photos reflecting the achievements of independence activists who led the independence movement near the old Sangil-ri, Gucheon-myeon (now Sangil-dong) and reflects those times. In the Mirror Pond, a sculpture is installed that expresses the hopeful future development of the nation freed from bondage and ordeal through broken chains. The sculpture will symbolize the future of the nation, which is stretched out through the national independence movement, and the image of hope built on a tree. The district plans to use it as a historical attraction that all local residents can sympathize with, such as holding a commemorative event to commemorate the spirit of the independence movement that took place in Sangil-ri every March at the Sangil-li Manse Plaza.

Gangdong-gu mayor Lee Jung-hun said, “The March 1st Movement is a history that our people must remember. I will," he said.