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Writer Moon Seojoon
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Subject Holding hands with Kangil-dong and SLA Soulim Mountain Association to share briquettes of love.

Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung hun) Kang Il-dong said that on the 1st of the last month, residents have visited Garaeyeoul Village and shared briquettes.
The sharing was prepared at the SLA Soulim Mountain Association (Chairman Choi Jong-hyo) out of concern for neighbors who will have a hard time in winter due to housing vulnerabilities, and joined hands with the Gangil-dong Community Center to volunteer for briquettes sharing.
The SLA Soulim Mountain Association is a group which was formed in 2015 by self-employed people to expand exchanges among small business owners and study smart leadership which is needed in the present era, and currently has more than 200 members.
In 2015, when they first started volunteering, 2,000 briquettes were donated to Godeok, Sangil, and Gangil-dong, but this year, due to redevelopment, the number of households decreased, and only 300 briquettes were provided to Garaeyeoul Village in Gangil-dong.
In addition, members have already donated ingredients such as rice and ramen prepared with great care for the Hope Ondol Warm Winter project every year for five years.

I hope the 300 briquettes which were delivered today will be a warm warmth for neighbors who are in need in the cold winter and help them spend a happy end of the year together, said Shin Sook, head of Kangil-dong. "It's even more valuable because it's the sharing of small business owners even though they were in very hard time due to the COVID-19."
Hope every resident of Kandong-gu can spend a warm and happy end of the year together, with volunteers and help of each other.