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Writer KimTaeYoon
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Subject Gangdong, starting the era of gender equality

Gangdong-gu head office Lee hae shick clarified that the gender equality week’s commemoration ceremony will be held in the Gangdong gu community center’s auditorium located in the 3rd floor at the coming July 4th , Tuesday .
Gender equality week is a time that is needed to materialize the idea of realistic gender equality through practicing the coexistence between the work and the household in every field : politics, economics, society, culture , for the women’s harmonious development. Every year from July 1st to 7th for 1 week, it has been called as the woman’s week, but at the 2015 July 1st law of the Framework Act on Amphibiation got established and 3 years have passed since the name changed to the gender equality week. Gang dong gu celebrating this event is planning to give the citizens the chance to think about the true meaning of gender equality by operating booth of variety of themes, opening special lecture on special guests, opening exhitbitions that any one can join.
At the gender equality ceremony in July 4th, starting with the Gangdong women’s choir’s performance, they are having an award ceremony for people who had a huge role on working for the gender equality. Successively, Sin me ree, an author currently the chairman of the sand art association, will have a sand art performance on the topic of ‘gender equality’.
After the performance there will be a special lecture on the topic of ‘ you are enough’ by Chong hae shin director, who is currently a psychiatrist and is operating a healing program for the ferry Sewol accident survivals and remains of family. Known as the arthur of many healing books, she is planning to give a rest for the people who is tired by discrimination and prejudice.
Also at the following day, in the 1st and 3rd floor of the community center, there will be a gender equality week exhibition which any citizen can join by themselves. In this exhibition, the idea of gender equality will be closer to people by various of themes. Moreover, at the Ganndong-gu pubic library lots of lecture related to gender equality. Anyone can participate in this ceremony and programs.
Lee Hae shick, head office said ‘ I hope many people participate this gender equality week ceremonies and programs, which is for the equal society. I will do my best to make an fair and gender equal Gangdong where everyone is happy by cooperating with each other.’