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Writer Kim Rae Kyung
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Subject Hanryu Gangdong

Internships for international students, placement at ward offices ... Administrative experience

'Gangdong-gu in Seoul has a world'

Gangdong-gu announced on the 4th that it will conduct a global internship program for foreign students studying at domestic universities for 7 weeks from the 3rd on the summer vacation.

International students from various countries will participate as global interns and experience the Gangdong-gu, which will be an opportunity to broaden their understanding of Korean society. The Gangdong-gu official said, "We introduced the program to bring global revitalization to overall administrative service, following the rapidly changing world. It is also meaningful that the whole process of recruiting is assigned to local youth company, ‘Gangdong Leeumi’, as they gave the opportunity to young people.”

Gangdong-gu has offered publicity for foreign university students in Seoul for a month in June. A total 73 students in 15 universities participated and the 10 students were selected. The competition rate has exceeded 7 to 1. The nationalities of young people are also diverse. They are from China, Japan, Vietnam, and other from African and American countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Brazil.

They will be posted at the guoffice and city management corporation. They collect foreign municipalities data of excellence policy, provide cultural and career programs and do such public relations. Interns are going to have a chance to explore major facilities in Gangdong area, experience the young talk concert, and also act as civil diplomats, which introduce Gangdong-gu to the world.

Lee Hae Sik, the chief of the Gangdong-gu, said “ I hope that the Gandong Global interns will make unforgettable memories through research and introduction of overseas advanced policy”

Lee Bumsoo reporter

Source: An article provided by the Seoul Newspaper.