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Gangdong-gu Office Lays Stepping Stone for Low-income Children and Youth and Children Who Have Left Shelters


Gangdong-gu Office Lays Stepping Stone for Low-income Children and Youth and Children Who Have Left Shelters

- Stepping stone laid this year for low-income children and youth to participate in society through the financial support of KRW 13 million

- Accumulated a fund of over KRW 150 million since 2019 through support from the local community

Gangdong-gu Office (Head: Lee Soo-hee) has been providing support through the "Hope Stepping Stones Fund" to become a sturdy stepping stone for low-income youth taking their first steps in society. On the 24th of last month, the district funded KRW 13 million for the self-reliance of low-income children and youth in the area.


The "Hope Stepping Stones Fund" is a fund that has been established and operated since 2019 to support the self-reliance of low-income residents in Gangdong-gu. It has accumulated about KRW 150 million through voluntary funding by individuals, organizations, and businesses.


Last year, six individuals were selected as the first beneficiaries of this fund, and this year, six children and youth who are preparing for their future dreams and independence were given the benefits. Among the beneficiaries, five of them are teenagers who have now turned 18 and are about to leave the shelters and live independently. Each of them will be funded with KRW 2 million. In particular, one teenager with an intellectual disability has been accepted to a university's hotel and catering department this year after constant efforts. This is a case anticipated to provide an opportunity for achieving successful self-reliance through the utilization of the funds. The provided funds will be used for the security deposit of rental housing necessary for independent living, as well as the purchase of appliances and daily necessities.


Youth who have exceptional talent in baseball but has poor family environment will also be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams with a baseball training fund of KRW 3 million.


The "Hope Stepping Stones Fund" is the only fund in Seoul that supports youth in terms of self-reliance. Asan Medical Center, Heerim Architects & Planners, and Samjoo T&B have expressed their desire to encourage the self-reliance of youth by donating to the "Hope Stepping Stones Fund."


"This Hope Stepping Stones Fund has supported low-income children and youth who challenge their dreams without giving up," said Lee Sun-young, director of the Welfare Policy Division at Gangdong-gu Office. "We will actively discover those who need support to become a reliable stepping stone for their first step towards social advancement.”


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