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Gangdong-gu Office Operates Wild Boar Capture Squad


Gangdong-gu Office Operates Wild Boar Capture Squad

- Operation of a wild boar capture squad to protect citizens from dangerous wild animals

- If a wild boar is found, call 112 or 119 or contact the Gangdong-gu Green Urban Division to conduct a search and capture operation

Gangdong-gu Office (Head: Lee Soo-hee) announced that it is operating a wild boar capture squad to ensure the safety of residents and prevent property damage.


Wild boars are dangerous wild animals designated under the Wildlife Protection and Management Act, and the "Gangdong-gu Wild Boar Capture Squad" is composed of the Seoul Wild Boar Prevention Team and the Wildlife Management Association (Eastern and Western).


If a wild boar is found, residents should first report it to 112 or 119, or contact the Green Urban Division of Gangdong-gu Office, and the mobile hunting team will be dispatched to search for and capture the wild boar.


When encountering a wild boar, the recommended course of action is to stay still and calmly observe the movements of the animal. One should then hide behind any nearby objects, such as trees or other forms of cover, and carefully observe the boar's next move. If you detect a risk of attack, you should quickly move to a higher place or protect your body with an item such as a bag.


"We will do our best to promote measures to deal with the discovery of wild boars and to operate the mobile capture unit for the safety of residents,” said Lee Hyeon-sam, director of the Green Urban Division at Gangdong-gu Office.



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