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Gangdong-gu Office Prioritizes Resident Safety by Enhancing Road Safety Management Policies


Gangdong-gu Office Prioritizes Resident Safety 

by Enhancing Road Safety Management Policies

- Defects requiring full renovation to receive a "strike-out," while defects of a certain scale or greater to receive a "three-strike-out"

- Improvements in the management level of road facilities to contribute to safety and a pleasant road environment for residents

Gangdong-gu Office (Head: Lee Soo-hee) announced that it is implementing various road safety management policies to prevent road pavement defects and improve the quality of road construction, which will ultimately ensure the safety of residents.


According to an analysis of 4,852 complaints about damaged road facilities within the area over the past three years, 87% of the damage was due to the deterioration of durability after completion, and 13% was due to poor construction and other causes such as vehicle entry into the sidewalk. Accordingly, Gangdong-gu Office established various measures to prevent deficiencies in construction and ensure sufficient durability through precise construction.


The district developed a prevention-oriented road management system to ensure road quality through measures such as (a) adjustment of project plans to prevent duplicate excavations, (b) strengthening education for construction personnel, (c) restrictions on the participation of construction technicians (completion of specialized education courses on road and pavement construction), and (d) implementation of a pledge to prevent substandard construction.


To prevent safety accidents in advance, Gangdong-gu will implement a prompt and systematic maintenance system through the active utilization of the resident-led supervision system at the construction site, biannual regular inspections; special inspections during the thawing, winter, and cold seasons; and ad-hoc investigations in conjunction with environmental patrols at the local community center.


The district also operates the "One Strike Out" policy, which imposes a business suspension of up to one year or a fine of up to KRW 500 million for intentional or negligent poor construction leading to full-scale reconstruction, and the "Three-Strike-Out" policy, which imposes a business suspension of up to six months or a fine of up to KRW 100 million for three or more instances of defects of a certain scale. The district plans to induce construction companies to conduct precise construction through strict administrative measures.


"The top policy for preventing accidents is prevention," said Lee Soo-hee, the head of Gangdong-gu. "We will continue to develop a systematic road safety plan to ensure a safe and pleasant road environment for residents.”


Gangdong-gu Office