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Gangdong-gu Office Prevents Flood Damages by Repairing Worn-out Sewage Pipes in Advance


Gangdong-gu Office Prevents Flood Damages by Repairing Worn-out Sewage Pipes in Advance

- Implementation of large-scale flood preventive measures in vulnerable areas yield big achievement

- This year Gangdong-gu Office plans to further prevent flood damages and secure safety on other facilities in the district through meticulous maintenance of time-worn sewage pipes used for over 30 years

 Although most of regions in Seoul had been devastated by an unprecedented torrential downpour in August last year, Gangdong-gu Office was able to minimize the damage as a result of taking a large-scale flood preventive measures concentrating on areas prone to floods.

 Gangdong-gu Office had invested a total of ₩82.1 billion ($63.4 million) for eight years since 2015, installing a 4.2-km-long concrete sewage culvert stretching from an intersection near the Daemyeong elementary school to Seongnae reservoir. Such effort resulted in a great achievement by preventing the district from the flood damage last summer.

 Gangdong-gu Office (head: Lee Soo-hee) is planning to do its upmost to tackle further flood damages by repairing worn-out sewage pipelines that had been used for more than 30 years.

 Gangdong-gu Office has already procured ₩1.6 billion after mapping out concrete maintenance plan for the renewal of time-worn 1.6-km-long sewage pipelines installed under four regions – Seongnae-dong, Amsa-dong, Godeok-dong, and Godeok station. Presently, an execution drawing is at the final stage and the construction is scheduled to get underway next month at the earliest. In order to minimize inconvenience residents might suffer during the construction period, maintenance work will be implemented simultaneously in sections that overlap with other road paving and water supply burial constructions.

 “We look forward to securing road safety and preventing flood damages thoroughly from maintenance work on worn-out sewage pipelines,” said Choi Kang-yun, head of the Flood Control Division at Gangdong-gu Office. “We will further take all possible precautionary measures on all decrepit facilities in order to resolve residents’ inconvenience and build safe district.”

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