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Gangdong-gu publishes local library information booklet


Gangdong-gu publishes

local library information booklet "Gangdong: A city of books"

- Gangdong-gu publishes its first "library information booklet" that captures the charm of libraries in Gangdong-gu 

- The district office expects the booklet to increase the number of visitors to the libraries and revitalize the library services.

Gangdong-gu District Office (mayor Lee Jung hun) announced that it has published "Gangdong: A city of books," a booklet containing the current status of libraries in Gangdong-gu, and the services they offer.

  The district office published the library information booklet "Gangdong: A city of books" to promote privately owned libraries run by individuals and groups and relatively unknown to the public as well as public libraries in Gangdong-gu, increasing public access to the services.

  The booklet contains information about 11 public libraries and 45 small libraries in the district and talks about the smart library and book cafe library that are currently being built as part of the former core project of the district office.

  The booklet mainly consists of photos of the libraries, making it easy to read. It enables local residents to explore the unique charm of each library with brief explanations of the spaces that stimulate the readers’ interest.

  In addition, the booklet includes information on how to use the library facilities and new services such as interlibrary loan service and speedy loan service for wishlisted books to increase user convenience.  The district office has distributed the "Gangdong: A city of books" booklet to public organizations frequently used by local residents, and the digital version of the booklet is also available on the official website of Gangdong-gu District Library.

  “The booklet is designed to help local residents learn the unique charms of the libraries in the district and encourage them to visit the libraries in the vicinity. We will continue to work hard to create more libraries where books and people coexist, truly creating ‘Gangdong, a city of books’.” said Lee Jung hun, chief of Gangdong-gu District Office.

  For more information on the booklet, contact the Department of Culture and Art at Gangdong District Office (☎02-3425-5284).

Gangdong: A city of books photo1

Gangdong: A city of books photo2

Gangdong: A city of books

Gangdong: A city of books Map

A map of libraries in the district

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