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Gangdong-gu Reopens the User-Centered GBP$-Gangdong-gu rearranged user-centered contents and reflected the latest web design trend in the GBP-- Redesigned by an official at the Gangdong-gu Office with expertise, saving hundreds of millions of won for development costs


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-Hun) redesigned the Gangdong BigData Portal by rearranging contents and reflecting the latest web design trend of high quality and user-centered design to provide a more user-friendly platform to the residents.

By establishing metadata within the database, the Gangdong BigData Portal (“GBP”) enables easy data search within a single platform. The service is also available in both desktop and mobile version, so that anyone can use it anytime, anywhere.

To respond to the changing environment owing to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gangdong-gu expanded and reorganized its Electronic Information Division as the Smart City TF in July 2019. In addition, the Big Data Team was newly formed and staffs were assigned through recruitment. Such changes were made to attain data-based scientific administration and build foundation for a smart city.

In January 2020, an official at the Gangdong-gu Office developed the new GBP which enables the integrated management of data scattered across multiple government agencies (e.g., the Statistics Korea and the Ministry of the Interior and Safety)—the common issue of all the local governments. By this means, it saved hundreds of millions of won for development costs. Recognized for such an outstanding performance, Gangdong-gu won an excellence award at the 2020 Seoul Metropolitan City Creativity Awards (innovative policy category) in May 2020.

Through this redesigning project, the new GBP has a wider screen, a variety of menu access routes, and intuitive contents arrangement consisting of five sectors (Main, Notices, Services, Media and Links), enhancing information accessibility. Shortcuts for frequently used services are now also available.

The GBP has improved user convenience and understanding by providing at-a-glance visual data such as automatic data aggregation and charts. Moreover, annual trends are also displayed, which can be utilized as objective indexes for prediction.

Mayor Lee Jung Hun said, “We will keep improving the GBP so that anyone can easily use it. In addition, we are going to resolve residents’ inconveniences through big data analysis based on the GBP.”

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  • After redesigning the GBP

    After redesigning the GBP

    After redesigning the GBP

    After redesigning the GBP

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