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Gangdong-gu Introduces Smart Waste Bins in Residential Areas$-Trial operation of 11 smart waste bins for general volume-based waste bags-Real-time provision of volume through installed sensor; improves efficiency of garbage collection and resident convenience-Efforts to realize advancement of cleaning administration following the leading enforcement of “weekly waste removal”


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) has been reorganizing and enforcing a waste removal system like the “weekly waste removal“ for the safety of sanitation workers and improvement of residential environments. As such, Gangdong-gu will introduce the “smart waste bins for general volume-based waste bags.”

The district took into consideration the feedback offered by residents and supplemented the existing cleaning system to “boost resident satisfaction” and “guarantee the working rights of sanitation workers.”

The “smart waste bins“ are garbage bins with installed sensors and GPS. The volumes of the bins are provided to sanitation workers in real time to support efficient collection such as prioritization of jobs.

The bins will prevent the collection of overlooked waste bags in alleyways before and after waste removal times to improve neighborhood appearances while improving resident convenience by allowing the disposal of waste without the particularities of waste disposal schedules.

Waste bins will be hung on waste collection vehicles for automatic dumping of waste to improve the working conditions of sanitation workers.

Eleven waste bins will be installed for general volume-based waste bags, with five 660-liter bins, four 360-liter bins, and two 240-liter bins. The waste bins will be placed in alleyways of Amsa-dong for three months, from June to August, for a trial operation, and expansion of installment will be taken into consideration after collecting residents’ opinions.

Mayor Lee Jung Hun stated, “We have been implementing the new waste collection system this year with the goal of creating a ‘Happy Gangdong together with residents and sanitation workers.’ We plan to meticulously supplement the policy to prevent any resident inconvenience, and we will do our best to become a model example of a leading, pleasant and safe cleaning administration.”

Gangdong-gu began enforcing the innovative waste collection system starting this year. To keep in step with the amendment of the “regulations on waste management” that requires weekly operation, the district began the “daily and weekly” collection of waste to replace night collections that resulted in sanitation workers constantly getting into accidents. The three existing cleaning areas were increased to five areas in preparation for the rapidly increasing population, and the collection and transportation duties of one area were placed under direct management to reinforce safety and public accountability. The “recycling collection vehicle” is being introduced and operated in place of compactors to increase the rate of recycling, and the district is actively participating in the “daily rotation system for the disposal of transparent PET bottles and vinyl waste.”

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Smart general volume-based waste bag collection bin

Smart general volume-based waste bag collection bin

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