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We will Neither Give nor Take Bribes or Illegal Solicitations!$“NO to illegal solicitations or bribes!”Prior to the implementation of 「The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act」 (the “Solicitation Act”), Gangdong-gu held an


“NO to illegal solicitations or bribes!”
Prior to the implementation of The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act (the “Solicitation Act”), Gangdong-gu held an “oath ceremony for observance and pledging of the willingness to practice the Solicitations Act” for public officials that are Level 5 or higher on the 27th in the auditorium of the district office. On October 11th, in the auditorium of Gangdong-gu hall, it will also host a “pledge resolution ceremony” for all of its officials to establish the atmosphere of the Solicitation Act within the organization.
Through these ceremonies, the public officials led by Lee Hae-sik, the Mayor of Gangdong-gu, will sign written oaths which pledge that they will “not give or take illegal solicitations or bribes under any circumstances” and “bear with any form of penalties and punishments in accordance with the laws when violating them”. With this, they will strengthen their consciousness in integrity as public officials and promise to practice it no matter what.
This past August and September, Gangdong-gu Office invited a specialized instructor on integrity from the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission to host 4 sessions of “Understanding the Solicitation Act” training for public officials and affiliated agencies, allocating time to learn and comprehend major details and case studies of the law.
In addition, a comprehensive plan has been established in preparation of the Solicitation Act. Its major details include designation of solicitation prevention officers, establishing policy infrastructure such as revision of public officials’ code of conduct and disciplinary action rules, ongoing education and promotion for both public officials and citizens and operation of a counseling and reporting desk for matters related to the Solicitation Act. Gangdong-gu intends to establish a fair and transparent public service culture in the early days of the law’s implementation through systematic and organized administration.
Also, by installing and operating the “Integrity Box” in the district office and community centers, a message box used to report corruption in public offices, and the “Integrity Pledge Board” for improved awareness and interest in the integrity of the officials, Gangdong-gu makes all efforts to maintain its status as the “No. 1 District of Integrity”.

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  • We will Neither Give nor Take Bribes or Illegal Solicitations!

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