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Writer Kim Minho
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Subject Gangdong-gu offers various programs for youth's fruitful summer vacation

Gangdong-gu offers various programs for youth's fruitful summer vacation
: Employment support and summer vacation programs for prospective social beginners

[Interview speech training for new students]
Gangdong-gu will provide interview speech education for high school seniors for successful employment. This education is a support measure for prospective social beginners who have become more important than ever due to serious employment difficulties, but are unable to receive separate education due to the burden of education costs, and is designed to help them get a successful job. From image making to one-on-one coaching of self-introduction letters, small group voice training, personalized education and individual feedback, and actual interviews according to the type of interview are taught, and a total of 12 hours are trained four times during the summer vacation. The training venue is MBC Academy (based in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu), an institution specializing in speech education, where you can take high-quality lectures from professional instructors. The applicants are 30 third-grade students living in Gangdong-gu or attending high schools in the jurisdiction, and the recruitment period is from July 4 to 10. Recommendation from the principal or homeroom teacher is required, and you can fill out the application form and submit it by the email of the person in charge ( Documents necessary for application can be found on the Gangdong-gu Office website or the Gangdong-gu Labor Rights Center website.

[Summer vacation program for teenagers]
1. Guam Seowon Seodang Summer Vacation Special Lecture
Guam Seowon Seodang, which was suspended due to the spread of COVID-19, will be reopened. The 24th summer vacation special lecture will be operated with various experiences such as traditional etiquette, tea ceremony, and traditional games through programs such as traditional culture experience and etiquette education for elementary school students.

2. Recruitment of Korean Children's Culture Experience Group in Gangdong-gu
Gangdong-gu is recruiting a summer vacation children's culture experience group so that children who are the main players of the future can experience various living cultures in person. We are planning to visit the friendly city of our district and visit the attractions of each city. Anyone in the 3rd to 6th grade who is a resident of Gangdong-gu can apply, and the application period is from July 1st (Fri) to July 7th (Thu), and after receiving an online reservation on the Gangdong-gu website, it will be selected by computer lottery. Except for insurance premiums, cultural experience costs will be borne by the friendly city, and more details can be found on the Gangdong-gu Office website.

3. Recruitment of on-tact exchange groups for overseas youth in Gangdong-gu
Gangdong-gu will conduct ontact exchanges with teenagers in Pungdae-gu, China, a friendly city, and Musashino, Japan. This exchange will be held during the summer vacation, and we will communicate with teenagers from other countries by introducing each other's cultures through online video exchanges.

4. Recruitment of Windsurfing Class Participants
Gangdong-gu will recruit participants for the 2022 Windsurfing Class from July 4th. It will be operated a total of four times from July 23 to July 31, the peak holiday season, at the Seoul Windsurfing Center in Ttukseom Park, and 80 people will be recruited for each episode. Elementary school students (5th grade or older), middle and high school students, parents, and general adults can participate at a cost of 30,000 won. Starting with award theory and safety education, the "Wind Surfing Class" will be conducted with practical exercises such as paddling lessons, sailing and direction-changing skills, and all participants will be subscribed to group insurance so that they can enjoy windsurfing safely.

5. Saturday Culture School's "Europe to Meet with Opera"
Dream Darak Saturday Culture School has prepared an art appreciation education program called "Europe to Meet with Opera" for elementary school students. You can easily understand opera, encounter opera stories from various countries, and actually enjoy performances and even experience costumes and makeup. It will be held 8 times in total, and the tuition is free.