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Writer Lee Sanghwa
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-gu Cheonho Library, Publishes Essay Collection Written by Residents

Gangdong-gu Cheonho Library, part of the Gangdong Cultural Foundation, opened as the first library specialized in cooperative child care and recruited various child care and reading communities.

Among many communities, 'Neighborhood Book' is composed of members who were educated as mentors for 'All Village i-Angel' through the course of nurturing book play instructors.

It was formed with the moto of 'Let's make a happy neighborhood with picture books.' in 2019, and has been planning and operating book play classes for various local communities and children.

At the same time, as an extension of local activities, they shared their experiences by participating in the '2021 Gangdong Book Festival' co-hosted by six libraries in Gangdong-gu.

The '2021 Gangdong Book Festival' made 'Dong-sim Mailbox', a picture book solution that answers the 100 concerns of local residents in Covid-19 pandemic situation under the slogan of returning to ‘dong-sim’, the children heart, being ‘dong-sim’, the same heart and melting ‘dong-sim’, the winter heart. Amsa Library's picture book community 'Bookkoji' also participated along with ‘Neighborhood Book’.

This program received a favorable evaluation for comforting the hearts of local residents in the midst of Covid-19. With the wished of the members of ‘Neighborhood Book', the publication of ‘Dong-sim Mailbox’, a collection of essays started after the festival.

The book, 'Dong-sim Mailbox' can be borrowed from Cheonho Library and Amsa Library, and a mutual loan service is also available.

Yoon Su-hye, who was in charge of editing the book, said, "I have gained confidence that common housewives who only raised children can make books when they get together, and it will become a village community that grows together with the library."

An official from Cheonho Library said, "We ask for your interest in the Dong-sim Post Office created by local residents, and we will do our best to form various communities in the future."