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Writer Park Jisoo
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Subject Gangdong-gu rebuilds Green link to Samteo-gil Godeok Overpass

Gangdong-gu will rebuild the "Godeok Overpass," which connects Bangjuk Park (Godeok-ro 285) in Gangdong-gu and Samteo Neighborhood Park (990 Dongnam-ro in Gangdong-gu), as a green link. Unlike general ecological passages, the green connection path is a structure that combines a promenade and a wildlife movement path. The district plans to further strengthen the eco-network and greenway function by connecting the disconnected green axis through the creation of this green connection road. Greenway refers to a trail where you can experience history, culture, and natural ecology everywhere, and there is a typical Seoul Dulle-gil. Three of them are connected to Suseo Station from Gwangnaru Station to Godeoksan Mountain and Iljisan Mountain, and the section between Saemteo Neighborhood Park, Godeok Overpass and Bangjuk Park is loved by many users as it is a forest road. The green connection road, which will be created this time, will be expanded to 15m in width to install a promenade and a wildlife movement path together. In order to separate the movements so that they do not cross or conflict with each other, a fence using natural materials will be installed between the trails and the wildlife movement path, and a multi-layered structure will be created to form a visual shield. In addition, wildlife routes will be created similar to natural conditions such as tree planting, terrain, and entrance installation that harmonize with the landscape, and block walls to reduce the impact of lights and noise on surrounding roads will be installed around the green axis so that wild animals do not feel heterogeneous. A district official said, "The green connection road construction project is being carried out with the aim of securing ecosystem continuity and creating a pleasant and eco-friendly walking environment after completing basic and implementation design this year."
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