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Writer Son Jiyeon
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Subject Gangdong-gu promotes tight welfare programs to support the disabled.

In order to help disabled people "stand alone" in Gangdong-gu, more than 50 billion won will be spent on projects to actively promote policies for the disabled.
Gangdong-gu, Seoul (Mayor Lee Jung hun) said on the 11th, "We will establish and promote the 2022 Comprehensive Plan for the Disabled to support professional and systematic services in line with the increasingly diverse and complex welfare needs."

The district plans to close the gap caused by COVID-19 and realize high-quality welfare for the disabled under the vision of "companion welfare for the disabled and non-disabled."

To this end, the district will invest 59.4 billion won in 19 key tasks in four areas, including △ promoting the rights and interests of the disabled △ strengthening the independent capacity of the disabled △ strengthening infrastructure for the disabled △ medical and health.

Last year, we have taken the lead in improving the quality of life and minimizing the occurrence of blind spots by expanding care services and creating shelters for the visually impaired for the disabled, the district stressed.

In addition, various awareness-improving events have been promoted at the district level to eliminate prejudice against disabilities, such as holding exhibitions of products and artworks for the severely disabled or sponsoring art festivals for the disabled.

This year, in particular, the first shovel will be made at the end of this month (March) to build the Gangdong Oullim Disabled Welfare Center, which has been continuously promoted since 2018 for the disabled in the region.

According to Gangdong-gu, "Gangdong Eoulim Welfare Center, which will be built in 741 (Cheonho-dong), Olympic-ro, central Cheonho and Amsa, will be built with three basement floors and six ground floors."
The welfare center, which will be completed in January 2024, has a total floor area of 4,476㎡, and will be created with spaces that can encompass both the disabled and non-disabled, such as △ book cafe △ multi-purpose rehabilitation room △ fitness room △ temporary care room △ auditorium △ indoor playground.
Starting with this, the district plans to install additional independent living houses for the disabled to provide convenience in housing stability, while also promoting various new projects to suit the characteristics and conditions of the disabled, such as installing a special education rehabilitation tool library for the developmental disabled.

In addition, the district is closely preparing projects to promote the rights and interests of the disabled in various fields, such as supporting the labor costs of cooks working at residential facilities for the disabled or expanding and installing a management system for the disabled.

It also plans to actively promote 24 subsidy projects applied by 11 organizations in the jurisdiction.

△ Rehabilitation programs such as rehabilitation bowling to help treat △ Customized sports programs for the developmentally disabled △ Sign language classes to help communicate between non-disabled and the hearing impaired will be carried out.

"This year's welfare policy for the disabled has been prepared more carefully reflecting the ever-diverse welfare needs," said Joo Hee-beom, head of the Welfare Division for the Disabled. "We will do our best to create an equal society where all residents of Gangdong-gu can walk together without being alienated."
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