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Objective and Vision

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  • About Gangdong
  • Objective and Vision
Objective of Gangdong 더불어 행복한 강동 Sustainable and happy city Vision of Gangdong
Direction of Gu policy

Vibrant economy

  • Creating high-tech business
  • Attracting companies and
    creating new jobs
  • Increasing support for
    traditional markets
  • Serving as a central city for
  • Improving residential
    environment and
    reconstruction projects

Pleasant environment

  • Eco-friendly city agriculture
  • Forming ecological bases
  • Reducing greenhouse gases
  • Providing new and renewable energy
  • Vitalizing recycling programs

Hearty society

  • Improving (lifelong) education environment
  • Nurturing culture & sports
  • Expanding welfare programs for the elderly
  • Increasing support for childbirth and child rearing
  • Providing aid for vulnerable social groups
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