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Lee Soo-hee, the Newly elected head of Gangdong-gu, starting the term with on-site inspection on flood-prone areas


Lee Soo-hee, the Newly elected head of Gangdong-gu, starting the term with on-site inspection on flood-prone areas

- On the first day of the 8th popularly elected government on July 1, Lee visited the flood-prone areas affected by heavy rain

- The inauguration ceremony is held in a small group with only employees attending at the Grand Hall on the 5th floor of Gangdong-gu Office at 2 p.m.

Gangdong-gu has announced that newly elected head of Gangdong-gu, Lee Soo-hee, starts her services by looking after the safety of residents by visiting flood-prone areas on the first day of her term on July 1.

There has been a heavy rain warning issued across Seoul after midnight as heavy rain poured down over the night. In response, Lee plans to conduct a safety inspection against heavy rain by checking flood control facilities such as Cheonho Rainwater Pumping Station and water gates of Hangang River, and visiting large-scale reconstruction project site in Cheonho district 1.

At 2 p.m., the inauguration ceremony for the 20th head of Gangdong-gu will be held at the Grand Hall of Gangdong-gu Office. The ceremony will take place in a low-key, yet substantial manner with only employees attending without inviting any guest, in consideration of economic difficulties at home and abroad.

In addition, the ceremony will take place in order of taking the oath, inaugural speech and awarding Plaque of Inauguration. The administration's directions for the new beginning of Gangdong-gu under the goal of “Powerful Change for a Proud Gangdong-gu” will be delivered at the ceremony.

The newly elected head of Gangdong-gu plans to present her visions for making Gangdong-gu more attractive by creating favorable living conditions, dramatically improving transport conditions, revitalizing local businesses, promoting a virtuous cycle of growth and welfare, creating a favorable child-rearing environment, and building educational infrastructure to encourage youth's dreams.

At the ceremony, employees joining the music club will dedicate a song in celebration for Lee's inauguration on the theme of “a hopeful future of Gangdong-gu,” and the present will be delivered wishing for the new head to listen attentively to residents and actively communicate with them.

After the ceremony, Lee will walk around all departments to closely check on working conditions and meet with employees.

The newly elected head of Gangdong-gu, Lee Soo-hee said, “I will devote myself to meet the expectations of Gangdong-gu residents who have called for a change. I will also make Gangdong-gu a proud place for residents by improving working conditions of public officials”.

On July 9, Lee will participate in “Greenway Walking Contest,” which is held in three years, and begin communicating with residents by visiting 18 dongs starting from July 11.

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