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Gangdong-gu begins operation of the Sixth Citizen Ombudsman



Gangdong-gu begins operation of the Sixth Citizen Ombudsman

 - Gangdong-gu’s ombudsman expected to efficiently handle difficult civil affairs in co-operation with the Chief’s   Direct Civil Affairs Office

Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung hun) will officially launch its operation of the Sixth Citizen Ombudsman starting in August to solve difficult civil affairs and strengthen the protection of civil interests. 

Gangdong-gu first introduced the Citizen Ombudsman System in 2010 for the first time in Seoul and began commencement of activities of the Sixth Citizen Ombudsman. Last year, the team completed a total of 132 consultations. 

The human rights education for the Fifth Citizen Ombudsman was held online in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The human rights ombudsman prepared an educational video about children’s human rights, which was distributed to 27 local children's centers in the district, and contributed to the cultivation of awareness of children’s human rights through real-time, online education at local children's centers.  

Furthermore, Gangdong-gu began comprehensive operations of the Chief’s Direct Civil Affairs Office and the Ombudsman Office in June to collect civil issues and complaints and look into it to strengthen the role of a citizen ombudsman, which is a window for handling civil conflicts. 

The Sixth Gangdong-gu Citizen Ombudsman held its appointment ceremony on July 30 and began operation in August. The ombudsman team is comprised of administrative experts with extensive knowledge in administrative matters, former political appointees, lawyers, and other experts in various fields, and each member is expected to use their skills to contribute to protecting the rights of citizens and increasing administrative transparency. 

Residents of Gangdong-gu who wish to submit civil complaints or receive consultation from the ombudsman can do so via office visit, mail, fax, or through the Gangdong-gu Office website (Citizen Ombudsman).

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