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Gangdong-gu Makes a New Start with the Innovation Center for Future Education...To Lead the Cultivation of Future Leaders - Gangdong-gu renovates the Innovation Center for Future Education to support students who will lead the 2030s - Aimed at activating a platform integrating smart education, supporting educational courses for the cultivation of future leaders, and establishing an education cooperation system


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) renovated the Self-directed Learning Support Center as the Innovation Center for Future Education to cultivate future leaders who will lead the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Gangdong-gu has been recognized as the focal point of education, providing students with learning and experiential activities for them to grow as creative and confident leaders with self-directing capabilities through its Self-directed Learning Support Center since 2010 for the first time among autonomous districts until the renovation.


In 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19, it responded proactively by opening online coursestaking advantage of its digital infrastructureand established the Gangdong e-Studio, operated the High School e-Cloud, and conducted a demonstration project on Smart Campus in hopes of relieving the education problem amid the pandemic.


Gangdong-gu decided to take a step further and renovate the facility as the Gangdong-gu Innovation Center for Future Education in March along with the changing education paradigm. It also plans to promote the “Cultivation Project of Future Leaders of the 2030s” to establish a tailored education support system for elementary, middle, and high school students who will become important members of our future society.


The Innovation Center for Future Education will concentrate on the operation of the e-Cloud for middle schools, expansion of the Smart Campus, and establishment of an integrated portal for future education to vitalize the smart education platform. It will also apply smart edu-tech to support future leader cultivation projects and establish a cooperation system between the community and schools to expand the education infrastructure.


“Through the Innovation Center for Future Education, we hope to provide balanced support between universal education welfare and proactive future education for our students living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution so that they can grow as important members of future society,” Mayor Lee Jung-hun said.

2020 Korea Education Fair for Future One-on-one online consultation for high school entry photo1

2020 Korea Education Fair for Future One-on-one online consultation for high school entry

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