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Gangdong-gu Devoted to Discovering and Supporting Welfare Blind Spots Amid Severe Cold Waves, Period of concentrated discovery of welfare blind spots in winter to last until March 31, Expected to reinforce discovery system to prevent regrettable accidents


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) is devoting itself to take closer care of residents in welfare blind spots who are spending difficult winters due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, snowfall, and cold waves.


Gangdong-gu will reinforce its discovery and support for welfare vulnerable classes through the period of concentrated discovery of welfare blind spots in winter that will last until March 31 and induce social interest.


Over 700 high-risk households from among the existing welfare recipients were placed under special monitoring, and other high-risk households are being discovered through the total inspection of one-person households of vulnerable residence and middle-agedindividuals (ages 50-64), discovery of welfare vulnerable zones in addition to factual investigations of resident registrations, grasp of demand for welfare counseling upon report of move, and through the mobilization of all official systems.


 In order to reinforce the discovery system of high-risk and vulnerable classes, on-site inspections were made at the Cheonho 2-dong Community Service Center and the Seongnae Social Welfare Center on the 14th to check the progress of discovery of welfareblind spots, and the current state of care for the homeless around Cheonho Park was also examined as means of concentrated inspections.


Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “We will do our best to more carefully check various locations to prevent all unfortunate incidents this winter and protect and support vulnerable classes during the cold waves.”


  • Visit to the Cheonho 2-dong Community Service Center to discover welfare blind spots and learn about the state of management

    Visit to Cheonho Park for inspections of the homeless in the district

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