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Gangdong-gu Wins the Trade, Inudstry and Energy Minister Award for Regional Industry Promotion$-“3 heart project” credited for activating regional economy-Transformed into a people-centered, self-sufficient industrial complexes to boost job creation and cause economic ripple effects


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) has won the ministerial prize in the field of regional economic promotion in the 2020 Regional Industry Promotion Award cohosted by the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

The Regional Industry Promotion Award is designed to reward individuals or groups contributing to balanced national development through regional industry promotion and improvement of competitiveness.

The project that brought the ministerial award to Gangdong-gu this time is the “3 heart project — High-Tech Business Complex, Godeok Biz Valley and Gangdong General Industrial Complex.” Gangdong-gu was praised for playing a leading role in creating jobs, strengthening regional industry competitiveness and boosting the regional economy.

The High-Tech Business Complex, the first of the three complexes completed in 2015, is the first example in which the creation of a business complex that had been promoted at the metropolitan government level was executed successfully at the local government level, paving the way for Gangdong-gu to take the first step toward a self-sufficient city where growth and distribution is realized, emerging from a bedroom community-type city.

At present, the High-Tech Business Complex is home to 11 midsized companies including Samsung Engineering, which are based on high-tech, knowledge-based and software industries, where about 10,000 excellent personnel are working.

Around 150 small, medium and large-sized companies are scheduled to move into the Godeok Biz Valley, the largest among the three, starting 2022. 17 companies, including Silla, KEPCO KDN and Cuckoo Electronics, (31 if consortiums are included), and the Knowledge Industry Center are certain to move into the complex; the supply of land for business purposes will be completed by the end of this year as the remaining plots will be disposed of in September.

In 2025, the Godeok Biz Valley will also draw a large-sized complex comprised of IKEA Korea, theater, shopping mall and offices.

A project to create the Gangdong General Industrial Complex (knowledge-based convergence complex), the last among the three, hit its stride on July 2 with the conditional approval by the Seoul Deliberation Committee for Industrial Complex Planning.

The Gangdong General Industrial Complex will intensively attract engineering industries having high industrial ripple effects to create digital engineering complexes where big data and AI technology are combined.

Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung Hun said, “Gangdong will be born again as a self-sufficient city creating more than KRW 20 trillion in economic effect and 110,000 jobs if the Godeok and Gangdong complexes are completed along with the high-tech business complex which have entered the settlement stage.” “We will do our best in promoting for the 3 heart project by attracting major companies in the wake of winning this award.”

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  • Gangdong-gu High-Tech Business Complex

    Gangdong-gu High-Tech Business Complex

    Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung Hun

    Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung Hun

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