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Gangdong-gu Issues Prepaid Local Card “Gangdong Bitsal Money”$-On July 30, Gangdong-gu issued a prepaid local card for the first time in Seoul-- The reloadable prepaid local card provides convenience even for those who have difficulty using cell phones!


On July 30 (Thursday) at 9AM, Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) issued the "Gangdong Bitsal Money" in order to stimulate local consumption and increase the sales of small businesses. The Gangdong Bitsal Money is the first local prepaid card issued by an autonomous district in Seoul.

As a reloadable prepaid local card, the residents can use the Gangdong Bitsal Money at all affiliated stores in Gangdong-gu (except for some businesses). Gangdong-gu decided to issue the prepaid local card for the first time among the autonomous districts in Seoul to recover from the economic recession of the local due to the spread of COVID-19, and help small business owners who are suffering from several issues, such as change in spending patterns and increased rents.

Gangdong-gu will be issuing a total of KRW 3 billion of Gangdong Bitsal Money this year. Each resident can purchase up to KRW 700,000 per month at a discount rate of 7%. There are two ways of purchasing the card: by visiting a Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC) branch located in Gangdong-gu, and filling out an application form; or downloading the "Geuraeseoul" application to the cell phone registered in your own name. However, the card will be shipped to your place within 7 days if purchased through the So Wool application. For those who have difficulty using the application, they can visit a KFCC branch in Gangdong-gu, which is an agency of Gangdong Bitsal Money, to purchase and reload the card.

Mayor Lee Jung Hun said, “Following the issuance of the local mobile gift certificate “Gangdong Sarang Gift Certificates”, we have issued a reloadable prepaid local card called “Gangdong Bitsal Money” for the underprivileged, who have difficulty using a cell phone, for the first time among the autonomous districts in Seoul. Aside from getting a 7% discount, the residents can contribute to the revitalization of the local economy. I hope more residents will get the chance to use the Gangdong Bitsal Money. We will do our best to support small business owners and revitalize the local economy.”

Contact So Wool Customer Center (1600-0847) or Gangdong-gu Labor Center (02-3425-8727, 8739) for further information about Gangdong Bitsal Money.

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Gangdong Bitsal Money Poster

Gangdong Bitsal Money Poster

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