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Gangdong-gu Wins Excellence Award in the Category of Innovative Policy at Seoul Creativity Awards$-Gangdong-gu develops district’s exclusive big data portal that enhances accessibility to public data and convenience of use-Simple searches made possible with integrated management of 1.3 million pieces of data that were scattered by division


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) won the excellence award in the category of “Innovative Policy” at the 2020 Seoul Creativity Awards for its development of the district’s exclusive “Gangdong-gu Big Data Portal.”

To adapt to the times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the district expanded and reorganized the Electronic Information Division into the Smart City Promotion Group in July to establish the Big Data Team and realize a data-based scientific administration along with the basis for a smart city.

In January, the district developed and began operation of the “Gangdong-gu Big Data Portal (hereinafter ‘GBP’)” that won the excellence award in the category of Innovative Policy at the Seoul Creativity Awards.

The GBP is a system that constructs a meta database with public data produced in Gangdong-gu and makes simple searches and automatic analyses possible through the district’s website.

The system offers 1,326,785 pieces of public data in 269 areas, including population statistics (overall, by gender, by advanced age, etc.) as of June 2020 as well as the current state of CCTVs, public restrooms, subways, and evacuation facilities. All data is offered through visualized materials, such as automatic totalizations and automatic charts of numbers and images. Yearly developments are also provided for use as an objective index for predicting future changes.

The GBP not only saved millions in development costs having been developed by a district office employee who boasts expertise, but also improved the problem of the separated management of districts’ public data by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Statistics Korea, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, greatly improving the accessibility to data and work efficiency.

Mayor Lee Jung Hun commented, “The development of the GBP made residents and employees’ accessibility to public data much easier. We will continue to improve district residents’ rights to know and enhance living convenience through administrative innovation based on big data.”

For more information on the Gangdong-gu Big Data Portal, contact the Gangdong-gu Smart City Promotion Group (☎+82-2-3425-8744).

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