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Gangdong-gu to start issuing a 2019 Munhwa Nuri Card.$-The subsidy amount per person is to be increased by 10,000 Won, from 70,000 to 80,000. -Affiliated stores will be expanded in areas that lack cultural facilities or areas in which many handicapped and elderly residents live to enhance the benefits of the service.


In February, Gangdong-gu, headed by Mayor Lee Jung-hun, will issue the 2019 Munhwa Nuri Card, which can be used by the recipients of basic welfare and the working class to enjoy culture the arts.

As a cultural welfare project that supports activities in the fields of the arts (books, music, film, performances, fine art, and other cultural experiences), tourism (transportation, travel agency services, tourist sites, and accommodations), and sports (sporting events, sports gear, sports facilities, and leisure sports), the Munhwa Nuri Card can be used at affiliated stores throughout the country.

The card is intended for recipients of national basic welfare and working class people who are six years old or older (those born before December 31, 2013) and it will be issued until November 30th(Sat).

This year, in particular, the subsidy of 80,000 won per person, increased by 10,000 from the previous year, is expected to expand the cultural opportunities of the recipients. Also, the conditions for its usage have been loosened in order to improve the benefits for handicapped and elderly residents and those residing in areas lacking cultural facilities: it can now be used to pay for cable TV licensing fees (deferred telephone payment of the monthly fee), buy food or beverages at some affiliated stores, and sign up for monthly memberships at sports facilities. However, it should be noticed that if a beneficiary does not use the subsidy at all for two years, from 2019 to 2020, they will not be issued a card in 2021.

The balance of the card should be used by December 31st(Tue). To be issued a card or have it recharged, residents should visit any community service center nationwide, regardless of where they live, or use the official website(www.mnuri.kr). Starting on March 1st, the recharging service can be accessed via phone call.

“We will make Gangdong-gu a happy district for every resident, where our underprivileged neighbors can lead enriched lives and the cultural gap between socio-economic classes is closed through the furthering of this project for cultural and recreational integration.” – Mayor Lee Jung-hun.

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          A Poster of the 2019 Munhwa Nuri Card

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