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Gangdong-gu is a safe district because it offers accident insurance for every resident.$-In case of accident or disaster, Gangdong-gu has implemented a social safety net in the form of accident insurance for all residents. -Residents can receive up to 10 million won per person in insurance coverage for eight different types of claim, and the coverage is effective even if they are already covered by another insurance plan.


 Gangdong-gu, led by Mayor Lee Jung-hun, has finished signing up every resident for the new accident insurance policy and is ready to implement it in earnest, for the first time, this year.

This accident insurance policy guarantees that residents who were injured by accident or through some kind of disaster are covered by insurance from the Gangdong-gu Office. Wherever the accident happens, residents can receive up to 10 million won per person.

Gangdong-gu is pursuing this project according to the results of the 7th popular elections in order to become a safe district, where no one is alienated. Last December, the basic ordinance regarding disaster and safety management in Gangdong-gu was partially amended to create a legal and financial basis from which to implement this new accident insurance policy, and on January 24th,acontractwassignedwithaninsurerthatwillsupplythecoverage.

The accident insurance guarantees safety for residents and registered foreigners of Gangdong-gu. If someone moves in or out, the insurance is automatically joined or withdrawn from, without a separate procedure. Its coverage is effective even if an individual is covered by another insurance.

The policy covers death or injury caused by explosion, fire, building collapse, or natural disaster and also death or injury due to public transportation accidents or robbery. Medical expenses are also provided for children under the age of 12 who are injured as the result of a car accident in a school zone.

The term of the policy is one year, from January 25th,2019 to January24th,2020.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun said that, “accident insurance is a reliable institutional safety net for our residents who might otherwise feel helpless when they encounter an unexpected accident” and he added, “we will develop this insurance policy by going through various review processes, like collecting feedback from residents and benchmarking against similar policies in other regions, in order to make this accident insurance policy the representative standard of our policies that foster stability in our residents’ lives.”

To inquire about the policy, you can contact the safety insurance call center at (☎1522-3556).

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