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Gangdong-gu will carry out an administrative reorganization following the 7th popular elections$-Gangdong-gu wants to develop a beneficial cycle to distribute the fruit of economic growth to various causes, including welfare, health, and culture.-The Labor Rights Center opened last December and will focus on improving the economy, cultural assets, and the city’s brand.


 As we enter the year of the pig, Gangdong-gu, headed by Mayor Lee Jung-hun, is faced with several big changes, including the construction of an industrial complex, redevelopment projects, and more. In order to pursue Gangdong-gu’s vision for the future as laid out in the 7th popular elections, administrative reorganization will begin on January 4th.

 The core of this reorganization effort is in strengthening our organizational capacity to promote economic growth, and then distribute the fruit of this growth to various causes, including welfare, health, and culture.

In pursuit of this goal, the Labor Rights Center, under the supervision of the deputy mayor, was founded on December 14th of last year. Among the level-6 team leaders, the head of the Labor Planning and Cooperation Team, the Labor Law Support Team, and the Small Business Support Team were employed through the internal job posting system. In order to create social structure in which local economic growth leads to investment in the people, the Labor Rights Center will be working to promote the value of labor.

Firstly, Gandong-gu has fortified its economy-focused functions. The Employment and Economy Division has been changed into the Employment Creation Division, and the Social Economy Division has been put under the Planning & Economy Bureau. This is intended promote cooperation between divisions which will help build a system through which economic development is ensued by the creation of jobs.

 Secondly, Gandong-gu has bolstered resident satisfaction in the realms of culture, sports, and the arts. The Cultural Life Bureau has been established and the former Culture & Sports Division has been subdivided into the Culture & Arts Division and the Sports for All Division, in preparation for drastic expansion of cultural and sports-related facilities. Also, the Cultural Life Bureau will take charge of Gangdong Arts Center and proceed with policies to aid residents in enjoying their lives to the fullest through culture and sports in pleasant surroundings.

 Thirdly, Gandong-gu will create its own brand. The Urban Landscape Division has been established as a subsidiary of the Urban Management Bureau, for the purpose of pursuing, in collaboration with relevant departments, redevelopment and urban regeneration projects that will preserve the original atmosphere of the city and, in the process, provide new spaces for reaction.

Additionally, various other teams have been established to intelligently prepare for an aging society: the Smart City Team, which prepares for our aging community via the Internet of Things; the Health Tourism Team, which fosters the outstanding system of general hospitals in Gangdong-gu so that they can be resources for tourism; the Baby Boomer Team, which helps support the baby boomer generation that is starting to retire; and the Caring Support Team, which makes Gangdong-gu a more safe and enjoyable district for children.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated that “Gangdong-gu is facing the greatest changes since the opening of its offices in 1979. Its population is expected to grow the most drastically in the next five years compared with all other districts in Seoul and a large number of jobs will be created with the construction of Go-deok Biz Valley and Gangdong Industrial Complex. We hope this administrative reorganization effort will help achieve our goal of making a “Happy Gangdong” that satisfies the demands of the 7th popular election.       

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