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Gangdong-gu Selects A Happy Gangdong as Administrative Goal during 7th Popular Elections$-Selection of new administrative goal, guide, and slogan, of the 7th popular elections that encompass the district’s vision and philosophy-Commencing of construction of a future-oriented happy city centered on residents with balance of growth and distribution


 Gangdong-gu, headed by Mayor Lee Jung-hun, selected A Happy Gangdong as its new administrative goal of the 7th popular elections and revealed plans to funnel effort toward achieving this goal.

Gangdong-gu held a contest for all public officials in July for the selection of an administrative goal and slogan to lead the 7th popular elections.

From the 310 received drafts, a word cloud, or an abstract of key terms, analysis was conducted followed by the designating of a goal and slogan that encompassed the vision and philosophy of Mayor Lee through a strict, three-fold selection process.

The new administrative goal is A Happy Gangdong, while and the administrative guidelines to realize this goal was determined to be inclusive city development, life-empowering welfare, innovation of the future. The slogan was defined as, A people-centered Gangdong heading toward the future.

The meaning of the administrative goal is to actualize equality within the community based off of future-oriented economic growth, free of discrimination. This includes the objective of creating a more competitive and active city where residents can enjoy happy lives.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “The ultimate goal of an administration must be the happiness of the community,” while also adding, “Together we will create a happy Gangdong-gu for a warm city that is people-oriented and where no one is left out.”

Mayor Lee also proposed the following five core pledge projects to help catalyze innovation and change within Gangdong-gu: Central city for southeast traffic with the extension of subway lines 5, 8, 9; Creation of business complex and development of Cheonho-daero for completion economic city; Safe schools, happy education, safe Gangdong; Gangdong equality free of class discrimination; and A happy and healthy cultural city.

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