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Gangdong-gu Enforces Public Sanitation Service Assessment$-- On-site evaluation of total of 361 locations as foothold for promotion of resident health


 Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung-hun) announced the enforcement of 361 public sanitation service assessments of lodgings, public bathhouses, and laundromat businesses from July to December. 

The assessment team will consist of public officials and honorary public sanitation service evaluators for on-site evaluations. The three areas to be evaluated are general conditions, legal compliance, and recommendations, to include 30-41 items depending on the type of business. Each business will be ranked by their evaluation scores as green rank (excellent), yellow rank (good) and white rank (general maintenance), and the evaluation results will be released on the Gangdong-gu Office website.

All ‘excellent’ rated businesses will be nominated for official commendations on the merit of contributing to the improvement of public sanitation, and businesses receiving the yellow rank will receive a special inspection for improvement in sanitation level.

An item was specially added to this evaluation that verifies businesses with records of administrative measures from 2016-2018, and any businesses with a record of administrative measures between 2017-2018 will not be entitled to the green rank.

An official commented, “Our plan is to encourage the participation of business owners through sanitary improvements and to enhance the quality of life and health of residents through this service assessment.”

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