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Writer Lee Nakyoung
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Subject Gangdong-gu Transforms 'Walking Street to Gucheon-myeon'greening everywhere

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on the 24th that it has completed the village regeneration project "Creating a Street I Want to Walk to Gucheon-myeon" and held a completion ceremony.

The street creation project, which I want to walk to Gucheon-myeon, has been completed over 33 months as a project that Gangdong-gu has been focusing on to bridge the development gap between the new city and the old city.

Gucheon-myeon-ro is a narrow two-lane road that runs from Gwangjin Bridge, and over the years, the commercial district has stagnated and degenerated into a dark and gloomy area. In response, the district launched the project in September 2019 to reorganize the area of Gucheon-myeon, which has historical and symbolic characteristics.

In May last year, six base spaces for cultural and village community activities were opened first in Gucheon-myeon-ro. In November last year, Gangdong Children's Restaurant, operated directly by local governments, opened for the first time in the country. Large SOC facilities have also been built considering regional characteristics, such as "Cheonho Health Branch" and "Cheonho Aureum Center with a single-person household support center."

It also improved the appearance of old buildings and replaced the shopping mall with LED signs that harmonize with the streets. It also carried out underground work on electric poles and maintenance work on sidewalk blocks and roads. On the street, a smart pole that combines advanced ICT was installed for the first time in Gangdong-gu to create a bright and safe walking environment.

Symbolic sculptures that show local characteristics were installed at the entrance of Gucheon-myeon-ro, and green areas such as street forests were created everywhere.

Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung-hoon said, "The street creation project that I want to walk to Gucheon-myeon is the result of active participation and cooperation of local residents," adding, "I sincerely thank the local residents for their active cooperation even during the long construction period."