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Writer Go Eunsu
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Subject Parking sharing solves parking difficulties!

Gangdong-gu (District Mayor Lee Jung hun) is pushing for various parking sharing projects to share parking spaces with neighbors to resolve parking difficulties.

A parking sharing business is one of the most efficient ways to solve parking problems without securing additional parking spaces or large construction costs by opening parking spaces to neighbors at idle times.

The most representative parking sharing project is Residential Parking Sharing, which has been in effect in Gangdong-gu since 2016. Sharing the parking area of the residential area in use will accumulate 40% of the parking fee income to the shared area provider as points, and the accumulated points can be exchanged for mobile gift certificates or used to purchase products at dedicated point malls.

The shared parking lot can be easily used through the "Everyone's Parking Lot," "People Making Parking Lot" app operated by the Gangdong-gu agreement company, or ARS. The parking fee is 1,200 won per hour.

In addition, the "Eoulim Shared Parking System" is also in operation so that users of exclusive residential parking lots can use the parking lot with neighbors or customers other than their vehicles if they pay an additional 20,000 won for the existing monthly usage fee. Users of the exclusive parking lot who want to participate in the "Eoulim Shared Parking System" can apply to the Gangdong-gu Urban Management Corporation (☎02-428-1717).

In addition, in order to revitalize parking sharing, the parking lot facility improvement work is supported when unused parking spaces are opened to neighboring residents.
All buildings in Gangdong-gu are eligible for support, and construction will be supported by 2 million won per face if more than three parking lots are opened, and up to 25 million won if more than five sides are opened.

Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "The construction of a public parking lot takes considerable cost and time from selecting a project site to securing a budget and implementing legal procedures, so we are actively promoting parking to encourage more residents to participate in the project."