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Writer Kim Yeji
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Subject What public resources are there for residents in Gangdong-gu to share?

Gangdong-gu (District Mayor Lee Jung-hoon) announced that it is promoting a service to open up idle public resources and share them with residents through ‘Shared Nuri’, a public open resource site.

Shared Nuri is a public resource opening and sharing integration site, run by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. It is a website that allows public institutions to easily search, book, and use idle public resources such as facilities and goods online.

Recently, Gangdong-gu reorganized its shared Nuri service and registered more than 300 idle public resources owned by the district.

Through this, residents can rent tool sets and quarantine items that are hesitant to purchase due to low frequency of use. Moreover, not only can they rent toys tailored to growth for families with infants and children but also reserve the I-Mom Gangdong Open Playground.

In addition, conference rooms, parking lots, cultural facilities, and sports facilities are also available depending on the reservation method. In the future, the district plans to expand the necessary life-friendly resources for residents and revitalize education, lectures, and self-governing programs for residents, which are being resumed in line with the COVID-19 end-demic.

Shared resources available to residents can be searched through the Shared Nuri site, and for service use, you can apply for a reservation after signing up for membership.

The district official stated, "We have reorganized public resources in Gangdong-gu to make it convenient for residents to use such as village vitality centers, mobile workers support centers, and Godeok Yusu Baseball Stadium,“ and added, "We will actively discover idle public resources so that residents can receive practical administrative services."