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Writer Park Jisoo
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Subject Gangdong-gu provides one-on-one psychological counseling mentoring for single-person households

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on the 21st that it will run the Gangdong Single Dodam Todak, a counseling program for single-person households.

It is a project to provide one-on-one mentoring to single-person households suffering from psychological difficulties to enhance emotional resilience and improve their will to life, helping single-person households gather to engage in various activities together, take emotional and psychological stability and form social relationships.

If you are a single-person household that needs social relationships and one-on-one mentoring, apply as a mentee. It is currently accepting applications and the deadline is until the 23rd. Any single-person household living in Seoul can apply, but single-person households in Gangdong-gu will be selected first.

We also receive applications from mentors to help mentees develop their positive selves. The application period is the same as that of mentees, and counseling majors or psychological counseling experiences with sound and positive values can apply.

Applicants for single-person households selected as mentees first identify their temperament and personality through personality analysis, and then conduct one-on-one mentoring about 10 times to form a mutual trust relationship between mentors and mentees. Afterwards, one mentor and four mentees form a team to conduct group mentoring to build intimacy and promote friendship. The group mentoring will be conducted in a variety of programs such as watching movies, listening to music, art therapy, making terrariums, and bead crafts in consideration of the participants' tastes.

In addition, education and meetings for mentors, such as leadership promotion education and in-depth counseling education, will be held to strengthen the capabilities of mentors who act as counselors.

If you want to apply, the mentor can apply by e-mailing the person in charge or visiting the Gangdong-gu single-person support center, and the mentee can only apply for a visit to the center.

Gangdong-gu District Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "The Gangdong-gu Single-Family Support Center will actively help single-person households suffering from psychological and emotional difficulties return to work as members of society and form healthy social relationships."

Gangdong-gu Single Family Support Center is located on the second floor of the Cheonho Aureum Center, and for more information, call the Gangdong-gu Single Family Support Center or refer to the website.
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