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Writer Kim Seoyeon
Phone number 010********
Subject End of Covid-19 Social Distancing

Starting from April 21st, the government has decided to end social distancing which have been taking place all over in South Korea including our district Gangdong-gu. This means that personal meetings between friends and acquaintances would be allowed without limiting the number of people in the meeting or how big the place meeting would be held. The covid-19 pandemic level has been lowered from 1st degree pandemic to 2nd degree pandemic, which means its level of danger is weakened compared to the past 2 years of never ending pandemic. From the following April 25th it is almost confirmed that limiting eating indoors would loose effect as a law.
However, even though social distancing might be over, wearing masks to prevent covid-19 would still be a mandatory action for all people in Gangdong-gu. Also efforts to prevent covid-19 especially for people who are vulnerable at diseases would still take place in Gangdong-gu. Besides preventing the virus to spread to people, this effort would also stop the virus from making mutations like the Delta virus or the Omicron virus that seems to be an issue for all countries world wide.
Although the laws and restrictions regarding covid-19 in Gangdong-gu is losing its power as a law, Gangdong-gu still offers individual citizens to follow the 6 personal actions to prevent covid-19. This includes actions such as being vaccinated for covid-19, wearing KF-80 masks, washing hands over 30 seconds, ventilating and sanitizing indoor places at least 3 times a day, and being cautious for covid-19 symptoms.
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