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Writer Dong Yeeun
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Subject Gangdong-gu Eradicates Child Abuse with a Significantly Advanced Prevention System

Gangdong-gu District (District Mayor Lee Jung-hun) will hold a Child Welfare Review Committee on March 23rd to vote on the 2022 Child Abuse Prevention promotion plan and launch a full-fledged child abuse prevention project.

Gangdong-gu has selected "Look together, letting others know together, and keeping them safe together" as this year's key slogan, and plans to implement 11 projects in three areas: ▷ Strengthening the early detection system, improving awareness of child abuse, and acting together with the community.

First, the prevention system for "early detection of children in danger" will be greatly strengthened.

In order to detect suspected signs of child abuse early, when the community center consults or applies for child welfare supplies, it will be easier to find children in crisis that cannot be easily recognized by taking a test of ‘Parents’ Self Test’.

In addition, the Child in Danger Discovery Project is implemented quarterly to link active customized services for households in need of support. The child abuse unmanned reporting box "Yellow Talk," which is currently installed in nine elementary schools, will be expanded to all elementary schools in the second half of this year, and in turn will be advanced to allow online child abuse reporting.

Responses such as reporting and monitoring of child abuse will also be strengthened.

In cooperation with related agencies such as police stations and child protection agencies, the government will actively guide the reporting of child abuse and carry out joint projects to raise residents' interest. In addition, the government plans to further advance monitoring by checking the safety of children victimized by abuse who have been reported more than twice a year and children who have not been diagnosed with abuse more than three times a year.

In addition, the government plans to gradually improve awareness of child abuse through resident education. On the occasion of Child Abuse Prevention Day in November this year, various promotional activities and education, such as holding forums and ceremonies or publishing child abuse cases, will raise awareness of the ambiguous boundaries of discipline and abuse and suggest ways to acquire the right parenting attitude and skills.

Lee Jung-hun, head of Gangdong-gu District Office, said, "There are still too many children around us who need our attention, but it is such a pity that they cannot be found," adding, "We will do our best to eradicate child abuse this year by implementing Active Child Abuse Prevention Projects.”
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