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Subject Gangdong-gu pays 400,000 won in disaster support per person to individual freight forwarders

-Support for freight transportation businesses with difficulties due to soaring COVID-19 and oil prices... Apply by the 29

Gangdong-gu, Seoul (Mayor Lee Jung hun) announced on the 15th that it will provide disaster support funds to 2,250 individual cargo carriers such as Yongdal and individual cargo. Recently, due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation, it is difficult to secure logistics jobs, and the number of personal cargo carriers having difficulty in making ends meet has increased significantly as oil prices have soared. In response, Gangdong-gu decided to provide disaster support funds so that personal cargo carriers in the jurisdiction can return to their lives before COVID-19. Eligibility for application is that the address of Gangdong-gu is based on the resident registration, and as of the 13th, it is a 5t or less charter and individual cargo transportation business that is operating for more than two months, and 400,000 won will be paid per person. The application period is until the 29th, and you can submit it by visiting the 3rd branch of the Seoul Lending Association or the southeastern branch of the Seoul Individual Freight Association, which has jurisdiction over the Gangdong-gu area.
Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "I hope this disaster support fund will help truck transportation businesses that have been hit hard by COVID-19," adding, "I hope that this disaster support fund will lead to a virtuous cycle of recovering their daily lives and revitalizing the local economy." The application form can be downloaded from the notice/announcement on the Gangdong-gu Office website, and if you have more questions, you can contact the Gangdong-gu Office's Transportation Administration Division for more information.
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