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Writer Choi Jiho
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Subject Gangdong-gu Commends Outstanding Donors Who Contributed to Achieving 125% of "Warm Winter"

Gangdong-gu (Lee Jung hun, mayor of the district office), presented commendations to a total of 24 outstanding donors and organizations for the 2022 Hope Ondol Warm Winter Fundraising Project on the 31st of last month and thanked them.

A total of 1.56492 billion won was donated through the 2022 Hope Ondol Warm Winter Project, which lasted for about three months from November last year to February this year, exceeding the original target of 1.2 billion won by 125.2%. As the total number of donations reached 1,370, it became more warm hearted news amid the difficult COVID-19 situation.

The "Warm Winter" project is a public-private joint cooperation project jointly promoted by Gangdong-gu and the Seoul Community Chest of Korea every year for low-income neighbors in need. It is a fundraising campaign that can be participated by any organization, company, facility, or individual, and all donations and products donated are delivered to low-income residents in the jurisdiction.

In order to increase residents' interest and participation in the fundraising project last year, the district has been installing a "Temperature Tower of Love" in the lobby of the district office so that residents can see it, and has continued to promote non-face-to-face participation using QR codes. In addition, it has been striving to spread the donation culture by conducting various promotional activities through the district office's website and newsletters for companies, organizations, and residents in the jurisdiction.

The method of linking donations specifically needed by low-income residents away from simple fundraising also received great response. Customized support, such as receiving and distributing the most preferred food packages through pre-demand surveys, or receiving more necessary masks, hand sanitizers, and nutritional supplements in the COVID-19 situation, greatly responded to the increasing welfare needs of low-income residents.

Lee Jung hun, mayor of Gangdong-gu District Office, said, "We will make sure that your precious donations are used where it is absolutely necessary," adding, "We deeply appreciate all those who gave warm hands for our neighbors despite the difficult situation with COVID-19, and we will continue to do our best to promote the welfare of low-income residents."
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