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Writer Lim Yeram
Phone number 010-2********
Subject Gangdong-gu, come to Iljasan Healing Forest.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced that it will operate a forest healing program on the healing forest road created on Iljasan Mountain with a forest healing instructor starting on April.

Recently, people's interest in forest experience has been increasing as a way to relieve stress, and in Iljasan Mountain in Gangdong-gu, you can experience mental health programs that we can feel with our five senses, meditate, and enhance human immunity.

The forest healing program is operated every Tuesday to Saturday from April to November, and participation fee is free. It consists of regular programs and customized special programs for various subjects such as the elderly, housewives, chronically ill, and the disabled. In the regular program "Forest that Grants Appreciation," stress relief, tea drinking, and meditation are held.

Special programs include △ Rest Forest, a menopausal overcoming program, △ Courage Forest, a friend and co-worker harmony program, △ Joy Forest, a target syndrome prevention program, △ Love Forest, the healing program with families of the disabled and special children.

An official from the district said, "We will be able to regain vitality by healing our bodies and minds tired from stress in our daily lives on the Iljasan Healing Forest Road, a forest in the city that anyone can access by taking a walk," adding, "We hope residents will pay a lot of attention and participate in the forest healing program."

Last year September, Gangdong-gu have redecorated their old facilities and other background things. Through this maintenance project, the district expanded the outdoor stage, which was called a meeting place in Iljasan Park grass square, reorganized landscape-type hydroponic facilities, aged and damaged trails and facilities, and installed safety fences at camping sites.

In particular, various production nozzles, cooling fogs, and lighting to improve the night view were installed in the landscape-type hydroponic facility, and a watch net deck was installed at the top to enjoy the hydroponic facility closely, making it more attractive for residents.

In addition, around the hydroponic facility, visitors will be able to enjoy colorful flowers seasonally by planting silver dollars and red baron hydrangeas, including pink velvet, a new variety of native sorghum flowers.

Through this process, the mountain has changed to the healing place.

Anyone who wants to experience forest healing can participate and apply through the Seoul Metropolitan Government's public service reservation site.

More details can be obtained from the Blue City Division of Gangdong-gu Office.

Source: Shin-A Ilbo (http://www.shinailbo.co.kr)
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