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Writer An Shinyeong
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Subject Gangdong-gu provides free mental health checkups for residents suffering from depression.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, announced on March 16th that it will provide free mental health checkups and counseling for residents who are suffering from psychological difficulties such as depression and stress.

Those eligible for support are Gangdong-gu residents aged 19 or older, and if they receive mental health checkups or counseling at a designated medical institution in the jurisdiction, they can receive medical expenses up to three times. However, if you are receiving psychiatric treatment at a medical institution or have a history of receiving support from another institution for the same project, you will be excluded from the support.

The district explained that there is no concern about leaving a psychiatric record because it is entered into a general counseling code rather than a psychiatric disease when claiming health insurance after treatment. The district plans to switch to general treatment and guide high-risk groups that need professional treatment such as drug treatment so that they can continue to receive treatment. For more detailed information, contact Gangdong-gu Health Center Health Promotion Division (02-3425-6765).

Mayor Lee Jung hun, said, "There are many people who are reluctant to go to the hospital due to social prejudice and burden of medical expenses," adding, "As early treatment is important for mental illness, we will do our best to lower the threshold of psychiatric treatment."

As he said, there are still many people in our society who think that psychiatric counseling is something that only abnormal people receive. However, those people who have psychological difficulties can get a lot of help from counseling. Therefore, in order to support them, it should play a role in eliminating social prejudice as well as direct support for patients.
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