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Writer Moon Seojoon
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Subject With a college mentor and an edu expert, Operation of 2022 Gangdong After School

Gangdong-gu ( Mayor Lee Jung hun) operates the 2022 Gangdong After School, which supports learning and career paths for elementary, middle and high school students to take care of after-school learning for students who lack basic education due to the prolonged COVID-19.
Gangdong After School, which has been in operation for four years this year, is a program designed to improve students' basic academic skills and bridge the academic gap by providing systematic learning coaching and career and admission consulting to students.
Last year, the district provided 1,681 consulting cases to 43 students from 22 elementary, middle and high schools, and provided about 40 learning guidance and counseling consulting per student. In addition, in a business satisfaction survey conducted on participants, more than 90% of respondents said it was very helpful in improving their learning ability, showing high satisfaction with the program.
In particular, this year, it will be integrated with the district's representative mentoring program, Mentor School. Mentors and mentees are matched 1:1 or 1:2, allowing intensive management for each student, and college student mentors, Edu experts, and advisory teachers collaborate to provide various support for mentees. In addition, face-to-face and non-face-to-face methods are operated in an effective learning method according to the learning environment and academic level of each mentee.
In addition, the district will expand the recruitment targets of Gangdong After School not only for social consideration but also for general elementary, middle, and high school students. A total of 90 new students will be recruited through the recommendation of related organizations such as schools, community centers, and local children's centers for a month in March.
Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "We reorganized Gangdong After School to support more systematic learning consulting for students who are suffering from the educational gap caused by COVID-19," adding, "We will continue to support various educational programs that can be practically participated and helpful."
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