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Writer Dong Yeeun
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Subject Getting Ready for the New School Year at Gangdong-gu Integrated Education Portal "Gangdong Miraeon"

Gangdong-gu (District Mayor Lee Jung-hun) announced that various online education services are provided by establishing an integrated education portal called Gangdong Miraeon (http://slc.gangdong.or.kr) that reflects the future education paradigm.

Gangdong Miraeon is an integrated education platform built for elementary, middle, and high school students and parents so that they can see educational content encompassing overall education, such as career, admission information, curriculum learning, and counseling, where and whenever they want.

In the portal, contents about major universities located in Seoul and the metropolitan area to junior colleges and high schools are registered, and contents that include major classes and college life taught by seniors attending universities to help middle and high school students choose their careers and majors are also noteworthy.

In addition, anyone can take a special lecture by public education experts, which consists of interactive video classes, for free by signing up as a member, and after class, lecture contents are posted on the site and can be viewed repeatedly at any time.

In particular, the district will introduce new contents of "Pit-a-Pat New Year" for the new semester in March. Current teachers and senior mentors provide full information for students and parents who have a lot of worries ahead of their new school year. The content is divided into elementary, middle, and high school lower grades, senior grades, students, and parents, and contains contents that must be known in the new grades and new semesters.

We have established Gangdong Miraeon, an integrated education platform, to cope with the rapidly changing future education situation due to COVID-19, said Lee Jung-hun, head of Gangdong-gu District Office. "We will do our best to establish a sustainable future education system so that all students can receive quality education equally."

For more information, contact Gangdong-gu Office's Education Support Division (☎02-3425-9459).
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