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Writer Kim Minho
Phone number 010********
Subject Gangdong-gu, the center of the bicycle network!

Gangdong-gu, the center of the bicycle network!
: Information on bicycle insurance benefits for residents and creation of Cheonho bicycle theme streets.

[Operating bicycle insurance for residents in Gangdong-gu]
Gangdong-gu will also operate Gangdong-gu Residents' Bicycle Insurance this year so that all residents can use bicycles with confidence. Residents registered in our district are automatically subscribed without a separate subion procedure, and double compensation with personal insurance is possible. The scope of insurance benefits corresponds to an accident that occurred while driving or boarding a bicycle, and the coverage is ▲ 10 million won for death ▲ 100,000 won for diagnosis of 4 weeks to 8 weeks (additional 100,000 won for hospitalization for more than 6 days) ▲ 10,000 won for lawyer appointment expenses (total 30 million won) ▲ accident fines. For insurance claims and related inquiries, contact the bicycle insurance call center.

[Recruiting students for Gangdong Bike School]
Gangdong-gu operates Gangdong Bike School so that residents can safely use bicycles. Gangdong Bike School provides theoretical education on bicycle traffic safety, including traffic laws, and safe bicycle riding practices to make proper cycling a part of daily life, and bike schools will be operated from March this year and recruit 15 people on a first-come, first-served basis every time. Anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bicycle can take the course for free, and you can contact Gangdong Bike School.

[CHUNHO's bike theme street]
In Gangdong-gu, Cheonho Bicycle Theme Street (about 320m long distance where bicycle-related goods businesses are concentrated from Cheonho-dong Park Intersection to Zmen Interchange) was established. Cheonho Bicycle Street, which is directly connected to the Han River Interchange, has excellent access to the Han River Bicycle Road, and bicycle-related stores have formed their own commercial districts since a few years ago, and now it is a specialized business street visited by customers from all over the country. A photo zone was installed at the entrance of Cheonho Bicycle Street and the entrance of the interchange, and a guide was also installed at the entrance of the street to enhance visibility.
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