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Writer Choi Jiho
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Subject Gangdong-gu's urban beekeeping school in 2022.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul (mayor Lee Jung hun) announced that it will recruit students for the 2022 Urban Beekeeping School from the 28th to March 4th.

Due to its regional characteristics, the district has a high green area rate and thoroughly complies with the eco-friendly urban agriculture principles of three agricultural methods (pesticide-free, vinyl-free, and chemical fertilizers-free), providing optimal conditions for bees to grow. Based on this, the number of beehives, which started with 10 by operating urban beekeeping in 2013, has recently increased to about 40, and much honey is produced every year.

In addition, the district has been operating an "urban beekeeping school" for those who are curious about bees or are considering beekeeping operation after retirement since 2014, paying attention to the environmental values of bees.

This year's training will open on March 17th and will be held every Thursday (14:00-16:00) at Il-ja Mountain Urban Agricultural Park until June 16th. Applications for education can be made from February 28th (Mon) at the Gangdong-gu Urban Agricultural Portal, and the deadline is on a first-come, first-served basis for 20 new students. However, the training operation schedule may be changed depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Due to COVID-19, 20 trainees will receive training in small groups, and a professional instructor from the Korea Beekeeping Association conducts theory and practice every week. ▲How to handle bee stings ▲How to manage bees by season ▲How to extract honey ▲How to prevent bee diseases ▲How to raise bees will be taught.

"The district has been promoting eco-friendly urban agriculture for the first time in Seoul since 2009", said Lee Jung hun, mayor of Gangdong-gu. "We hope that the operation of eco-friendly urban beekeeping schools will promote the importance of the ecosystem in the city and revitalize the local economy."

Details can be found on the Gangdong-gu Urban Agricultural Portal site.
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