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Writer Lee Soojung
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Subject The operation of various types of libraries, including Gangdong-gu, Book Cafe Library, Dadok Dadok Smart Library, etc.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, said that it is taking the lead in building a reading culture infrastructure so that residents can receive healing of their minds (book+vitamin) through reading anytime, anywhere.

It creates a customized reading culture space that reflects local characteristics such as book cafe library Dadok Dadok, district public libraries, smart libraries, and small libraries and provides a higher level of book use services and various cultural contents for residents to enjoy.

The book cafe library "Dadokdadokdadok讀篤'," where people meet and communicate through books and cars, aims to become a "Gangdong-type complex cultural space." It is a library that is not just a place where residents can borrow and return books, such as a pleasant coffee smell, people who come and go to borrow books, and families who enjoy cultural programs, and is free to relax as well as read.

It is also fun to visit the book cafe library depending on the field of interest and taste. The first store has the largest number of English applications among book cafe libraries. By operating programs that utilize these advantages (reading applications, English board games, etc.), the threshold for English has been lowered, and residents are highly responsive.

Located in the Ancient Bridge Traditional Market, the second store has a number of books on "health-cooking" suitable for local characteristics. It also has a large font book section for the elderly, and there are pop-up books that children like. Book curation and cultural programs linked to market products are giving vitality to traditional markets and relaxation and enjoyment to residents.

The third store is located in the area of Gucheon-myeon-ro, the central road in the old city center. Currently, the Gangdong-type village regeneration project, "Creating a Street I Want to Walk to Gucheon-myeon," is in full swing, and it is one of the six base spaces that opened in May last year with the opinions of residents.

It has books centered on topics such as social economy, locality, and publishing, and operates an "editing shop" that displays and sells sensuous props together to provide residents with another speciality and fun.

The fourth store focused more on the function of the library. It consists of a space where infants can read books comfortably, a space for adults who read quietly, recommended books for each grade, and English applications, so that all age groups can feel the charm of reading.

Located next to Amsa General Market, the fifth store serves as the best space for residents tired of urban life to heal with books. In the shared kitchen, classes such as coffee and desserts are also held by utilizing the advantages of space. The open view of the rooftop is also attractive.

Gangdong-gu Library has been operating a total of six libraries, starting with the opening of the Seongnae Library in 2007. Seongnae Library, a cultural space that communicates with books as the central axis of urban regeneration on the ▲ Angel Workshop Street, Haegong Library, a community space where meetings and relaxation are held in the park, Gangil Library, which aims for the next generation of knowledge and culture programs.

Smart libraries, which allow you to easily borrow and return books regardless of the library's operating hours, are installed in subway stations and public institutions where you can move a lot.

Currently, it is located in four locations: Cheonho Station, Sangil-dong Station, Sangil 1-dong Community Center, and Gangdong-gu Future Education Innovation Center, and anyone who brings a membership card (including a mobile membership card) of Gangdong-gu can borrow money.

One book per person (book vending machine) and one book per person can be borrowed for 14 days, respectively.

The smart library consists of an uninhabited book lender with about 200 new and best-selling books available for immediate loans, a book reservation lender delivered to the device if you book books from the ▲ Gangdong-gu Library through its website, and an uninhabited book delivery device.

It operates a "Library Mutual Loan Service" so that books owned by six Gangdong-gu libraries can be received from nearby municipal libraries and small municipal libraries.

Any member of the Gangdong-gu Integrated Library can use it, and two books per person (including the number of provided library loans and integrated loan certificates) can borrow for 14 days.

Mayor Lee Jung-hoon said, "In April, the 6th Book Cafe Library Dadok Dadok branch will open, and four additional smart libraries will be installed," adding, "We plan to further expand the reading culture infrastructure in Gangdong, a reading city this year."
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