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Writer Jung Minseo
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Subject Gangdong-gu crackdowns on electric vehicle charging obstruction from the 28th, and operates the guidance period from July.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, began its own guidance and crackdown on electric vehicle charging obstruction from the 28th following the revision of the Eco-Friendly Automobile Act.

The main contents of the revision to the Eco-Friendly Automobile Act are ▲ Expansion of facilities and installation ratios subject to the obligation to install electric vehicle charging facilities ▲ Change of authority to crack down on charging interference (city governor → mayor, county head, district head) ▲ mandatory opening and disclosure.

The district announced on the 27th that it will actively engage in promotional activities to induce voluntary compliance with laws and establishment of a stable system as the scope of the crackdown has been greatly expanded from 75 to 520.

In addition, administrative disposition and fines will be imposed on August 1st for obstructing charging of the charging area after a six-month guidance period for parking more than 14 hours after charging in the ▲ eco-friendly vehicle-only parking area.

However, administrative disposition and fines shall be imposed on parking for more than one hour in the fast charging facility and damage to the charging facility without a guidance period. A fine of 200,000 won will be imposed for parking marks exclusively for electric vehicles and damage to charging facilities, and 100,000 won for obstructing charging (parking general vehicles, storing objects, obstructing entry, continuing parking after charging).

Currently, the number of electric vehicles supplied in Gangdong-gu is about 1,300, doubled from January 2021, and is expected to reach 10,000 by 2025.

Accordingly, the district is opening charging facilities exclusively for district offices and community centers to build charging infrastructure due to the expansion of the supply of eco-friendly electric vehicles.

In addition, more than 12 fast chargers will be installed in public parking lots in the region this year, and slow chargers installed at the community center will be replaced with fast chargers sequentially.

"The district will continue to promote major revisions to the Eco-Friendly Automobile Act and take the lead in implementing green mobility by doing its best to expand infrastructure so that car users do not feel uncomfortable charging and parking anytime, anywhere," said mayor Lee Jung hun.
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