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Writer Chung Yoonji
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Subject Gangdong-gu created a shelter for the visually impaired, "Happiness Sharing Center".

Gangdong-gu, Seoul (Mayor Lee Jung hun) announced on the 26th that it has started full-scale operation by creating a shelter exclusively for the visually impaired.
The newly opened shelter for the visually impaired in Cheonho-dong on the 25th was remodeled by Gangdong-gu to suit the convenience of use of the existing copper facilities for the visually impaired and created as a space for the visually impaired.

This specializes in space creation in consideration of the visually impaired, who have difficulty in joint use of general welfare facilities, and has been reborn as a "happiness sharing center," a comprehensive welfare space for the elderly, visually impaired, and women, with a senior citizen center on the first floor.

The Happiness Sharing Center (27-23, Olympic-ro 89-gil) will establish itself as a community space for the visually impaired with education rooms, sports rooms, rest rooms, and multipurpose rooms to help the visually impaired benefit.

The shared space located on the fourth floor plans to be used as a space for women's activities such as charity activities of the Saemaul Women's Association in Gangdong-gu and meetings with women's organizations. The existing senior citizen center on the first floor continues to operate as a shelter and community space for the elderly in Cheonho-dong.

Mayor Lee Jung hun said, "We need a community space where blind people can gather and communicate together," adding, "We hope this opening will improve the quality of life of our neighbors who have been alienated so far and serve as an opportunity to communicate together."
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